head: 91 red star
hat: 87 sgt slaughter
chest: 87 gung ho
arms: 87 gung ho
crotch: 2003 claws commander
legs: 2003 claws commander

This was a figure I originally wanted to do back in 1993 or so. I had the Tomarts Price Guide to Gi Joe, and I would often flip thru the 12" Joe section for inspiration. While there are about 2 dozen 12" figures that I would like to make in 3 3/4" format, this is the first. The only real issue I have is with the head...Sgt Slaughters figure with the removable hat has a really big head, and few figures would fit it. So, we get Red Star with his hair painted grey. Still, it works and he looks nice and pissed off. The horse is from the World Peacekeepers line. This figure came out really well, and I plan to 'army build' them as I do my Soviet Greenshirts.

At this point, in 2004, Cobra has existed publicly for over 20 years. Every government on Earth knows of them, and as such is ready to defend and fight against them as need be. Every country, including Canada, makes sure that it's borders are well defended and employs a counter terrorist strike force of some sort. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are strong, dedicated and well capable of playing thier role on the war on terror..

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