Head: Roadblock V2
Torso: Gung-Ho V2 (Marine Dress Blues)
Waist: Roadblock V2
Arms: Roadblock V2
Legs: Roadblock V2
M-16: Razorclaw
Bible: Custom

Name: Runion, Marvin
Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY
Primary Military Specialty: Chaplain
Secondary Military Specialty: Psychologist
Grade: 0-3

A team like the Joes is very diverse, and Preacher is as diverse as chaplains come, well-versed in several major religions and their practices along with several lesser known ones. He also motivates, pushing the Joes to believe in themselves and their team, even if they choose not to believe in a higher power. Well-liked and above all a team player, Preacher is a chaplain and a soldier, inspirational off the battlefield and on. He’s also a mean poker player, routinely cleaning out his teammates and donating the winnings to needy causes.

“Praise God and pass the ammo—we got some Cobra butt to kick!”—Preacher’s motivational “sendoff” prior to each mission.

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