Head: Beach Head JvC
Torso: Depth Charge JvC
Arms: Ripper JvC
Waist & Legs: Roadblock JvC
Goggles: Depth Charge
Sword & Sheath: Kamakura VvV
Backpack: Star Wars Rebel trooper
Knife: Razorclaw’s belt
Oxygen Tank Unit: Parts from generic military figures from Walgreens Drug Store

This is the first custom that I finished. It’s the third or fourth custom I started. I guess I may have issues with finishing work; I’ll try to work on that. Long story short, I needed a new hobby that is not terribly expensive. The solution was to add myself to the ranks of thirty-somethings playing with children’s toys. My wife has finally stopped teasing me about this, which brings me to today. I was inspired by Cobra Commander D. I like his work. So thanks for the inspiration dude. My take on CM is a little different. I like the idea of a swamp fighter, but I wanted to keep the quirky feeling of the original concept. I mean red eyes on a guy who spends way too much time with his reptile pals…come on, get a girl friend. The baroness is available. So I tried to make CM a little more realistic i.e. the red night vision goggles , ripped up clothing, wrapped up arms, a knife here, a gun there, etc. However, I did want to keep the croc leather look of the original figure. So I went ahead a cut static cling stickers in croc leather pattern onto the wet suit top. I also chopped off Roadblock's star and painted the croc eye. I hope you guys like it. If not, oh well I tried.

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