Head: Casting of Loop’s sculpted Beav head
Torso: JvC Shipwreck
Arms: JvC Shipwreck biceps and elbows, POTF2 Chewbacca forearms & hands
Waist: Spy Troops Destro
Legs: Spy Troops Destro and POTF2 Chewbacca feet

I whipped this up to celebrate our grand poobah’s birthday. After acquiring a cast of the legendary Beav head at Zedcon, the race was on to do something funny with it. I chose the fairly obvious route of incorporating Shipwreck into the look. However, I added limbs from a Chewbacca figure to complete his fuzzy composition.

The arms were a bit tricky. I cut Shipwreck’s meathooks off right below the elbow and glued on Chewie’s (after inserting two posts in each arm). Afterwards, I had to use putty to carry the Chewbacca hair pattern up through the Shipwreck elbow so that the look would flow.

Special thanks to Scrap Iron for hooking me up with the JvC Shippy parts (as well as providing a lot of good input during the planning stages). I’d also like to point out that, if you’ve never seen Loop’s work up close, you don’t really have any idea of how talented he is. I was extremely impressed by the sculpting job he did on the head.

Anyways, happy birthday Beav. Enjoy (and feel free to hit this thread and add a critique).

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