Blackout head
COILS body

Just an LBC... Blackouts head is ackward because of that damn neck, so I figgured to just switch. Then to make it a little better highlighted it with leather and cover up that orange. Origionally he was suposed to be a headhunter, but I found a spot for him in one of my...other projects.

And yes, he is named for the Transformer

COILS trooper
Real Name: Unknown
PMF: High Speed Motorcycle driver
SMF: Scout

Coils troopers are Cobra’s highly trained professional Motorcycle drivers with Unique Skills and Special Equipment. Their helmets are equipped with voice-activated Servo controls that allow them to control their motorcycle by simply telling it what to do, Gyro-stabilized steering allows for high-speed maneuvering simply by shifting their body weight. Freeing their hands for firing their VENOM cycles weapons. When Cobra Commander made an ‘alliance’ with Mercenary commander Moirae Styx, he sent one of these Coils troopers, who took the code name ‘Sideways’ as a type of ‘delegate’ from Cobra. In reality, the notorious snitch was sent there to spy on her and her groups activities on behalf of Cobra.

“Like all Coils troopers, he’s a gear head who likes to drive fast and shoot things, but he’s also an ambitious, two faced, weasly little SoB who’d sell out his own mother for a nickel. The normal type of Cobra slime you expect. This one however is a little slicker than the rest. He watches from the shadows to view his potential prey… usually fast-talking some halfwit into doing a little dirty work for him, but always keeps himself shielded in case it hits the fan. He’d make a good politician, if he wasn’t overqualified for the job.”

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