Agent Faces head, waist, and legs
Flint chest & Arms

Lady Jaye pistols
CLAWS rifle

This figure is based off of a charrecter in Transfandom's Echo's of War RPG. Special thanks to Optimal Megatron for letting me make him, and his help with the bio.

Iron Grenadier Liaison
Real Name: Lepos, Alexander
PMF: Intelligence
SMF: Infiltration
Birthplace: Classified

Formerly a high-level CIA agent who voluntarily retired, began working security and eventually was hired by M.A.R.S. (Military Arms Research Syndicate), run by James MaCullen DestroXXIV. As an Iron Grenadier he quickly rose through the ranks, eventually earning a spot as one of his top Intelligence officers, under the direct command of the Baroness. Upon Destro hiring the services of mercenary Moirae Styx, he assigned Janus as ‘liaison’ to the group. He stayed on with them when Destro introduced them to Cobra, acting as an Advisor to ‘Empress Styx’, and gathering intelligence for both her and Destro. Qualified Expert Warsaw Pact firearms.

“This guy has been hanging around the baroness too much. Of all of Destro’s troops, Janus is the smoothest, he’s charming, he’s an eloquent talker, he always says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, but once he doesn’t have any more use for someone, he’d just as soon shoot them than look at them. The difference between him and Sideways is Janus apparently deludes himself with an air of nobility. His CIA records have been wrapped in so much red-tape that it takes 6 months to get a ‘we’ll see if we have it’, making us wonder just who’s side he’s really on, Destro’s, Styx’s, Ours, or his own.”

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