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Claws head
VvV BAT arms & Torso
Burnout waist and legs

VvV BAT accessories

Omega is based after a charrecter I created for a side-story in Transfandom's Echo's of War RPG. I really like how he turned out, escpecially how lanky he looks.

BAT command unit
Real Name: Classified
PMF: Quick attack specialist
SMF: Termination unit

Omega was created as a follow-up to the project that created Overkill. Wanting to improve upon the original concept, Cobrage used an as-of-yet unidentified ‘test subject’, and cybernetically enhanced him with BAT bionics. Almost 75% of his body is now mechanical. A wireless module has been implanted in his brain, his vision has been enhanced with image intensifiers and infrared scanners, as well as targeting computers hard-wired between his eyes and his modular weapon arm firing mechanisms. The Integral body armor is lighter and more flexible than Overkills, increasing his agility and speed. He has also been ‘programmed’ to utilize he was later dubbed Omega by Overkill, who ,despite knowing he was intended as a replacement, treated this newcomer as his ‘prodigal son’ among the BAT ranks. As part of Cobra’s ‘partnership’ with Mercenary commander Moirae Styx, Omega was taken from his command duties and placed on her team as a quick-attack and termination unit. Seems to have taken an extreme dislike to the Argonaut’s sniper Fox, and has ‘vowed’ to kill her himself.

“This is the closest thing to a real Terminator that Cobra has ever made. Normal BATs have had their tactical programs scrapped in exchange for better weapon systems; they’d march across the field shooting everything, even themselves. Then cobra made Overkill, whose duty is to keep them pointed in the right direction. And now, there is Omega. On the field he is focused on his target, and vengeance that Cobrage hard-wired into his systems, placing memories of the G.I.Joe team tormenting him in his mind, but he acts like a Knight to his new commander, Bowing, calling her ‘milady’, the whole nine yards. It’s frightening to think that those enhancements do to a person, I hope whoever he was before, he was a cobra soldier, and not some innocent they abducted for tests.”

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