Head & torso: b.t.r. Gung Ho (modified)
Arms & groin: Spytroops Zartan
Upper legs: Spytroops Gung Ho
Lower legs: Spytroops Beachhead.


Witchin' hat: The top of a Dollar Store action figure that I cut off & hollowed out.
shoulder strap: cyber9 figure (modified)
lightsaber hilt & trenchcoat: Star Wars
six shooter with holster: spytroops Destro
boot knife & sheathe: Swamp Rat
stick: spytroops Cobra Commander (modified)
sword & sheath: Legend of Zelda Link

There is a good book I read once called Magic Time. Its premise is that the world moves on & the humans all become whatever it is they truly are, like a cold blooded lawyer transforms into a dragonlike creature, a cat loving grandmother suddenly has feline grace & agility, a crazy homeless man becomes a magic user, etc.

Well, I am very much like that aforementioned crazy man & I wanted an action figure to reflect this.

There are actually two versions of this figure. this version is how he appears while walking the shadowed paths of the ethereal planes. the other (listed as ibps under Self Customs) is how he appears in the everyday world of mere existence.

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