Zarana Head
Lady Jaye Arms, Torso, and Waist
Agent Scarlett legs

Random M-16
Lady Jaye Pistols
Beach-head Dagger

This custom is another fig based after a charrecter from Transfandom's Echos of War RPG. This incarnation is primarily inspired by her persona in the IE storyline. Special thanks to Chysgoda for giving me permission to make her, and her help with the construction and with the bio.

Typhon squad commander
Real Name: Styx, Moirae
PMF: Intellegance
SMF: Assassin
Birthplace: Denver Colorado

Born to a middle-class American family, Moirae Styx worked her way through CIA training school, becoming one of their more effective field agents. On a routine mission to Southeast Asia, she mysterious disappeared for a period of 3 years, resurfacing as the commander of a mercenary squadron under the code name Eris, the name of the Greek goddess of Chaos and Discord. Her team’s exploits earned her the nickname ‘the Empress of Destruction’, and quickly caught the eye of James Macullen Destro and his corporation MARS, and through him, Cobra. Impressed by her team’s field record and the accolades of Destro, Cobra Commander offered her and her team an ‘alliance’ with his organization. Though still a freelance agent, She and her team are primarily funded and Armed by Mars, having access to not only their weapons systems, but to Specialized Units of their Iron Grenadier soldiers. Though she has sworn loyalty to Destro and Cobra… she appears to have her own agenda. Suspected in dirty-dealing worldwide, including multiple Kidnappings and Assassinations on 6 continents. Qualified Expert in Warsaw-pact Firearms.

“This woman is aggravatingly stubborn, spitefully Merciless, has a disturbingly progressed Adrenaline addiction, and is one of the best tacticians we’ve ever come across. She is confident in her and her people’s abilities, and has every right to be. It seems whatever defeat we manage to hand her, she has several contingency plans already in play and gets away with something. Its aggrivating as hell. We’ve gone over her personnel file trying to figure out what possessed a field agent with a spotless record to just jump ship and become a mercenary, a particularly violent one at that. Sometimes, in that line of work, when you’re constantly walking the thin red line, it isn’t hard to fall.”

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