Head: CLAWS Urban camo (soldier) '04
CLAWS V4 (officer) '03
Torso: CLAWS Commander '03
Arms: Dr. Mindbender '04
Waist/Skirt: CLAWS Commander '03
Legs: Dr. Mindbender '04
Helmet (Soldier): CLAWS Commander '03 modified
Uzi (Soldier): Kamakura '03
Knife (Officer): CLAWS Commander '03

Demons are terror troops used against innocent civilians, most often families, to sow fear among the populace.

With their authoritarian uniforms and demonic faces they convey as much terror as the knives and guns they carry. Demons rarely leave anyone alive, often slaughtering their victims and burning their homes afterward. Used to create civil unrest and fear in advance of a Cobra attack, they are also used to keep the people in line in Cobra held areas without appearing to be part of Cobra itself.

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