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VvV Viper head & Legs
JvC Scarlett Arms, Waist, Torso

Recoil lamp
Random Backpack
Dial-tone machinegun
Wide Scope's dog

Again, another fig based after charrecters from Transfandom's Echo's of War RPG.
I am extremely pleased with how she came out. The grey and the blue go toghether perfectly, and seemed to fit with her RPG personal. Special Thanks to our own RMS-108 Marasai for giving me permission to make her, and even helping with the bio.

Field Medic
Real Name: Shirra, Miko
PMF: Medic
SMF: Infantry
Birthplace: Unknown

Miko Shirra was born in the Philippines to a family of poor fisherman. When she was 14 their ship was attacked by pirates and boarded. Their greed unappeased by the family’s meager possessions, the pirates took Miko as their prisoner and sank the ship, killing her family. After a year as their captive, Miko was taken to be sold as a Slave on the black market to pay for the fuel and artillery it took to ‘procure’ her. A Cobra agent was in the crowd when she was up for Auction, and he quickly bought her. Miko soon found herself in one of Cobra’s youth training programs, eventually earning a place among the vipers in a unit under the command of the officer who bought her, one Jim Mana, the lecherous brother of Cobra Intel officer Agent White. Miko became the ‘favorite’ of Mana’s, and was constantly harassed by him. Time and Time again she refused him. Each time she refused him he grew more and more violent. When Dr. Mindbender was looking for subjects to test his latest project, a process to train medi-vipers using the brainwave scanner, the ever jilted Mana ‘volunteered’ her for the tests. The experiment was a success; however one unforeseen side-effect was her being stripped of her emotions, making her practically a machine. Mana, thinking she’d be easier now, continued his pursuit of her, yet she still refused him. Eventually, the tensions became too much for the letch, and he forced himself upon her one night. Something inside the young woman snapped, and as Mana finished with her, she took his Cobra dagger and shoved it into his back, effectively puncturing his Aorta and killing him instantly. Feeling no remorse for her actions, she did know that Cobra would execute her for killing her superior, and logically decided to run rather than face the consequences. Killing several Lampreys, she Hi-jacked a hydrofoil and escaped to Florida. She soon came to the logical conclusion the only place she would be safe was with the G.I. Joe team.

After she, in her viper gear, was ‘captured’ attacking an army base, and when interrogated by Joe core member Scarlett, nonchalantly offered her assistance. The Jugglers where Leary of this, but put her on the team’s roster, restricted to the PITT med-bay. Her emotionless, often cold demeanor in the med bay earned her the moniker ‘Ice queen’. One day, a new recruit named Icarus Styx came in with a broken leg received when the ejectors seat in his conquest malfunctioned. After she, in her normal emotionless manor, tended to his wounds, he, in genuine gratitude, attempted to know her better in his normal Gentlemanly way, she brushed him off, feeling he was no different than her former commander. When she did eventually gain the teams trust, she was allowed on a mission where she and Icarus where assigned to fly wounded out of Sierra Gordo, however ‘complications’ arose, and ‘overnight’ flight turned into them being forced to endure each others company alone for 2 weeks. Near the end of their operation, she began to ‘open up’ to him, and began to display her ‘lost’ emotions. Since the end of the mission, she has begun acting more human; which greatly assists her in her medic function. Hunts for wounded with the assistance of a search-dog she’s named Geist, named for a Japanese cartoon character. She has also developed a comeradery with fellow Argonaut team member, Fox, a former Cobra test-subject who she saved in New York.

“When she first showed up at the Pitt, we all thought she acted too much like a terminator to be a medic. Guys would come in, badly wounded, screaming, she’s just get to work like she was dealing with a doll. Then after the incident in Sierra Gordo, she’s done a complete 360… she’s displayed more passion for her job, actually going out into the field to find patients (which, the first time she did it, she wasn’t exactly supposed to have been out there). She has been assigned to the Argonauts; the strike-team commanded by Icarus as their field medic, which seems ironic since she and he have become an item. Their usually busy being all cutesy in their off hours, but they know enough to keep it off the battlefield. Doesn’t hurt he’s usually in the air and she’s hunting for wounded with her over-protective dog.”

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