Zarana Head & Torso
Snake-eyes Arms
Crosshair waist and legs

Crosshairs rifle
random machingun
Random snake-dagger
Red Spots helmet.

Yet another charrecter from Transfandoms Echo's of War RPG. Fox is based after her Infinate Earth incarnation, as her normal incarnation is a telepathic version of the baroness. Special thanks again to RMS 108 Marasai for letting me make her and helping with the bio.

Real Name: Ansa, May
PMF: Intelligence
SMF: Marksmanship
Birthplace: San Francisco, CA

Mei Ansa was born with certain ‘gifts’ that set her apart from other children. Her genius level IQ evident from when she was 3…but another gift surfaced around her fifth birthday, when she began answering questions that other people where thinking, or simply commenting on their thoughts. Her parents where less than trilled at this however, her father began to abuse her, convinced she was possessed by a demon. When she was 9 she was taken from her home and placed in child services, however many families didn’t want her either, often due to the gifts that the other children teased and ridiculed her for, one of the reasons that she, at age 14 ran away and began living on the streets. One day she was taken from an alley by agents of Cobra, and taken to Dr. Mindbenders labs as a test subject. Upon the doctors preliminary testing, he discovered her abnormal brain patterns, and witnessed first-hand her gifts. The focus of his experimentation switched from genetic manipulation to strengthening her mental powers while using his brainwave scanner to run combat-training programs into her brain, while brainwashing her into an obedient living weapon. The effectiveness of these measures where displayed when she escaped her captors when she was 20, leaving 50 Cobra agents with their minds shattered as she hi-jacked a Moray craft and escaped to the United States. She went into hiding, not only fighting to escape cobra, but to keep her powers in check, which could violently lash out if she became frightened. She had arrived in New York City, but in her first day in hiding, she accidentally mentally attacked a young man whom she mistook for a Cobra and fled to an old warehouse. She hid there for several weeks before Cobra made a move to recapture her. It was at this time GI Joe also took notice of what was going on and tracked the girl to the warehouse as well. A fierce firefight took place in that warehouse with both sides suffering heavy casualties and Fox was gravely injured. Fox lay in a ditch, apparently dying from her wounds until she was rescued by the Joes new Field medic, the cobra defector called Ice. After being treated, she asked to join so that she would prevent this from happening to anyone else, and also to atone for the young man she attacked.

“This young woman is sullen, quiet, and tends to keep her distance from other members of the team aside from Ice. She has never forgotten how that medic risked her life to save her, a complete stranger that showed her true kindness for the first time in many... many years, and it shows the way the pair has become friends. I can’t help but feel sorry for the girl, having gifts like hers manipulated and enhanced into something that could hurt, even kill someone with a thought, never really having control of it… it would drive a person mad. The helmet she wears is supposed to help her keep them in check… though occasionally she’ll finish Hawks sentence, or answer a question someone else is thinking. Which, you have to admit, is creepy.”

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