Sand Scorpion
Burnout Waist

Yet another RPG inspired fig. True he is basically just a repaint, but he's cool none the less. I just painted over the black with insignia red, and painted over the pink with british crimson. I went back and put in the burnout waist to make him taller, as to fit in with the others.

RMS 108 Marasai's charrecters are primarily Acroyears (from the microman line). So I figgured they'd make for good V-troops.
And again, I thank Mar for his help.

Sand-Scorpion trooper
Real Name: Unknown
PMF: Desert Operations
SMF: Frontal Assault

A hapless Sand-viper who was ‘volunteered’ for V-project by his C.O. due to constant misbehavior, Hellpion is an egotistical berserker, concerned with smashing things and then bragging to everyone else how he smashed it. Severely lacking the patients of the other Sand Scorpions, he was known for going ‘mad dog’ on missions, often charging head-long into battle rather than waiting in ambush. Later Neurotoxin transferred him to Agent Whites V-troop team hoping she would either shape-him-up, or behead him (at the time, he didn’t care which). He has proven himself ‘useful’ enough to avoid execution, primarily being used in frontline assault and close-combat situations. Bio-mechanical scorpion drone has been modified as a mobile weapon drone. Prefers using his bio-mech scorpion claws against opponents in field.

From the files of Saiyanne Mana, commanding officer:
“Hellpion is best summed up in 3 words: Angry, Violent, and Stupid. He was sent to mindbender because he was always picking fights with comrades, and constantly defying orders. The V-enhancements didn’t exactly help. When not in battle he’s usually busy trying to find something to break, or someone to beat-down. He’ll often hang out in a bar waiting for someone to start a fight with, or just go into the motor pool and take it out on a defenseless tank. He might be able to get away with it, if he didn’t have the habit of bragging about how he did it to everyone in earshot. He knows better than to pull that in my unit, he learned early on not to pull his bull with me.”

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