Head: Big Ben (v3) w/ Cutter (v1) hat, Buzzer ponytail, Sculpey hair/goatee and wire glasses
Torso: Chuckles
Arms: Chuckles w/ epoxy putty watch
Waist: Bullet-Proof (v1) modified
Upper Legs: General Flagg (Funskool) with front pockets sanded off
Lower Legs: Cross Country (v2)

I'd like to start with thanks to Hooper X for the head idea and Ben A. for the torso and arms used here.

As most people are wont to do at some point in their customizing careers, I sat down to try to create a self-custom. I've been wanting to do a custom of me as a Joe-sized figure for a while, however, I wanted the first self-custom to be based 100% on reality.

Now that I have this done, I feel free to do more fictionalized versions of me as a character in the Joe-verse. IE... I can now do a figure that's codenamed "Beav" and is loaded down with ammo, etc. Shouldn't be hard with all the Big Ben heads I have. The primary difference will be that these future "Beavs" (think of them like Freds ) will be wearing dark sunglasses based on my real-life pair. Creating the glasses for the figure was a bitch, so I can easily epoxy on some glasses to paint black for these future figures.

This figure is, of course, not 100% accurate. I don't think that would've been possible. For one, my real-life glasses are rather faint on my face from the front. That wasn't really possible to recreate in Joe-scale, as you can see. Also, I certainly didn't try to perfectly recreate the pattern on my shirt. However, I feel I got the gist of it. You'll also notice that my real-life hair isn't quite to the point to put it in a nice-looking ponytail like the figure has. Finally, the color of the hat seems to be different between real me and Joe me, but, I swear, if you look at it under the same light the color match is perfect. Who knows what caused that? Also, there *is* a Cobra logo on the figure hat. It's just a tad bit light in the pics. I think the scanner light washed it out a little.

It's amazing, but the seam pattern on the side of those two mold's legs matched perfectly.

To see more pictures comparing this figure to myself (including a larger version of the picture above), click here.

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