Parts Used:
Agent Scarlett head & Torso
Depth-Charge Arms & Legs
Night-Creeper Waist

Barrel Roll Sniper Rifle
Random Knife
Major Bludd Gun
Random Ghillie suit

Depth-Charge Spytroop gear
Night Creeper Spytroop gear

Another Custom based after a charrecter in Tranfandom's Echo's of War RPG. Unlike the other's Iv'e posted so far, who are either humans or cyborgs, in the RPG she is a Transformer, but in one side-storyline she uses pretender armor. Special thanks to Matrix Dragon for letting me make this custom, and his help with the bio.

Navy Seal
Real Name: Lancer, Sarah M.
PMF: Sniper
SMF: Covert Operations
Birthplace: Classified

Sarah Lancer is a born natural with a rifle. Ever since she was a little girl she could outshoot anyone in the county. As she grew older these skills continued to improve, and after High-school she enlisted in the Marines. Though her hard work and unwavering determination she became a SEAL, even while raising her daughter, Reiko. Recently, she was induced to the G.I.Joe team due to her service record, but she soon took leave after her daughter suddenly just disappeared from her college. Both she and Rei’s father, David Stocker, joined with Rei’s friends and police to help search for her; however they soon exhausted all leads. Nearly a year later Rei re-surfaced, however calling herself Apparition, serving under the command of Mercenary commander Moirae ‘Eris’ Styx. She has since been re-assigned to the Argonauts, a G.I.Joe subgroup under the command of the Eris’s brother, Air force commander Icarus Styx, whose primary function is engaging the Typhon mercenaries. Expert in Warsaw-pact long-range firearms. Uses a confiscated Moray uniform to disguise herself as ‘Mist’, in order to infiltrate Cobra Installations.

“Lancer has some of the traits that you’d want your comrades to have, and unfortunately some that you wouldn’t. She has the patience of a saint, which is a must for any sniper. She is extremely loyal to her teammates; she’d likely run to hell and back if she could help them. She has no problem breaking the rules if it will get better results in the field. She can get reckless at times, most often when that notorious temper of hers kicks in. She’s also an unrepentant tomboy. She never wears a dress, not even a skirt. She even had her dress-uniform modified because of it. The events surrounded her daughter’s disappearance and her apparent defection weighs heavily on her, she tries not to show it, but you can tell. She has gone as far as to use a Moray Spy troop disguise to infiltrate Cobra Island to bring her back… only to have to make a quick exit when the daughter she tried to save attacked her along with a group of Night Creepers. It’s bad enough loosing your kid, but it’s harder when the lost child wants to kill you. “

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