Parts Used:
Agent Scarlett head & Torso
Depth-Charge Arms & Legs
Night-Creeper Waist

Barrel Roll Sniper Rifle
Random Knife
Major Bludd Gun
Random Ghillie suit

Depth-Charge Spytroop gear
Night Creeper Spytroop gear

Another Custom based after a charrecter in Tranfandom's Echo's of War RPG. Unlike the other's Iv'e posted so far, who are either humans or cyborgs, in the RPG she is a Transformer, but in one side-storyline she uses pretender armor. Special thanks to Matrix Dragon for letting me make this custom, and his help with the bio.

Navy Seal
Real Name: Lancer, Sarah M.
PMF: Sniper
SMF: Covert Operations
Birthplace: Classified

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