Head: yardsale Batman (fastfood toy?)
Arms: JvsC Cobra Moray
Torso, Groin & Legs: Spytroops OverKill


Cape: yardsale scrap (4 inch batman?)
Batarang: Japanese anime figure

I had seen the little BatMan kids meal lookin' toy while searchin' for Joe & Star Wars fodder at a local yard sale & thought I might be able to make it into a righteous Joe freedom fighter of the future..

I liked how heroically oversized the JvsC arms looked when coupled with the Spytroops torso.

My only real dislike of this figure is that it was only after it was completed (& glued) that I picked up a Zartan, whose pouch lined waist, I discovered, would have been a perfect fit for this project. As it currently sits, I have yet to figure out how to make use of those three little nubs that are on the Over Kill belt & left shoulder..

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