Head: Topside
Arms: Not Sure
Torso: Monkeywrench
Waist: Corps
Upper Right Leg: Capt. Grid Iron
Legs: Hardball

Rifle: Leatherneck (Battle Corps)
Removable Rifle Clip: Night Landing
Backpack: Recondo

Brian K. Mulholland was drafted into the US Army in 1968, straight out of high school. Like most of the young men who were drafted, Brian merely wanted to survive his tour of duty in Vietnam. However, by the time his initial tour was up, his Commanding Officer had discovered Brian was exceptionally talented as a lone operative on reconnaissance and patrol missions. Brian's C.O. convinced him that he had a very promising future career in the Army.

Notes from Lt. Brian K. Mulholland's personell file: Brian has a natural ability to persevere in the adverse conditions and hostile environment of Southeast Asia's jungles. Once he seemed to find his element, he transitioned from just another scared kid into a real soldier. He's proven himself on many a L.R.R.P. assignment, and in fact, he seems to prefer being out on his own. I have encouraged this, as he does not appear to get along well with his platoon. Unfortunately, some of the other soldiers have been hazing and harassing him because of mannerisms and behaviors they interpret as, shall we say, effeminate. While this is deplorable, and I have given the men many a stern rebuke, Brian does lack the ability to control his temper, and has often started fistfights among some of the troops at camp. This behavior has earned Brian the nickname "Big Brawler" amongst his fellow soldiers.

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