Depth-Charge head
Night Creeper Arms
Black Out chest
Blowtorch waist
Firefly legs

Random Gun & Knife
Switch Gears spytroop helmet
Frolo BK kidsmeal coat

Another EoW based figure. Special Thanks to Astrocounter for his help in construction and making of the bio.

Urban Commando
Ream Name: Bismarck, Ryo
PMF: Assassinations
SMF: Urban Warfare
Birthplace: Seattle, Washington

Formerly an officer in Seattles SWAT division, Ryo Bismarck was handed his walking papers after multiple infractions on the job, ranging from on-duty gambling, bribe receiving, and 3 instances of assaulting a superior officer. He soon became a soldier of fortune to help pay off his numerous gambling debts, and was forced to flee the country after loosing 9 thousand dollars to a bookie working for the Destonelli crime family. He later joined with Moirae Styx’s band of mercenaries in Southeast Asia. Despite his arrogance, he proved himself a competent soldier, and with some reluctance was allowed him to join their group. When she created an alliance with Destro and Cobra, he received a promotion of sorts. Though usually works alone has been occasionally put in command of Thyphon Iron Grenadiers during Urban Operations.

“The difference between Arrogance and Confidence is thin. Confidence means that you are assured of your own abilities, and when the chips are down you can back up those thoughts with action: Arrogance is when you advertise how good you are on a near constant basis, but when the need arises you can’t back up those words. Eris lets her actions and track record speak for herself… Dice on the other hand shoots his mouth off more than his rifle. Not that he’s a bad soldier, but he constantly overrates his importance to his teammates and to the enemy. Why Eris keeps him around is a mystery that none of us has been able to solve.”

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