Head: Backstop
Torso, Arms: Headman
Waist: Battle Corps Duke
Upper Legs: Crystal Ball
Lower Legs: Cobra Officer
Helmet: Scrap plastic, paper.

Was just kinda fooling around, looking at customs and took another look at Chad and Matt's Red Shadow's customs. Dunno what it was, but I had to try my hand at making my own. So with their customs as inspiration and the file cards and original figures at actionforce.org for reference I went for it.

Baron Ironblood

Red Shadows Leader

Most of the information available on Baron Ironblood is unreliable, if not downright wrong. What is known is that he apparently masterminded a number of revolutions throughout South America and the former Soviet states for reasons unknown. It is believed that his goal is dominion over at least the European Union but again, information is sketchy. His troops appear to be fanatically loyal, despite his rumored temper, and his resources are formidable.

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