Head: Wild Weasel v4/VvV
Rest: Wild Weasel v2/TRU Rattler

Customizer's Comments: Just a simple LBC to bolster the ranks of my Brotherhood of the Coil. The only modification was mixing up a paint matching the vest and painting over part of the Cobra symbol to turn it into the Coil symbol.

Codename: A.V.A.C.
Primary Specialty: Pilot

Bio: After the Second Cobra Civil War, many Cobras chose to change sides to the Brotherhood of the Coil, including Air Vipers, Advanced Class, C.L.A.W.S, the Crimson Guard, and even members of Cobra's High Command. The A.V.A.C.s of the Coil can fly any aircraft currently in use from the A-10 Warthog and it's cousin the Cobra Rattler to the X-30 Conquest, F-22 Raptor or Cobra Condor and Night Raven.

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