Head: Lightfoot
Torso: Crimson Guard Immortal (Funskool)
Arms: ???
Waist: ???
Legs: Big Ben
Helmet: Accessory pack
Headphones / Visor: Thunder
Toolbox: Corps! toolbox with tools from A-Team utility belt

This is the other custom I started along with my Lifeline, where I was trying to take some characters who had some unfortunate molds/color choices and redo them.

I approached Lightfoot as though he were a bomb defusal specialist. Overall I'm pretty happy with the figure. Can't say the same about the toolbox. I didn't get a nice smooth paintjob on it plus I never did get it 100% smoothed out where I cut the top off. Anyway, I only had the one so I'm pretty much stuck without hope (or desire) of a redo. I *would* like some ideas on how to hinge the lid.

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