VvV Overkill body
Cast BAT head
Flying Scissors Zoids kit

This is another Zoids combo custom. I have wanted some sort of flying drone BAT for a while, with some design ideas centering on a centaur-like appearace, similar to one of the Necrons from WH40K. I was going to use a CLAW or a Jet pack for the bottom, but I found a neat winged Zoid a little while ago and decided to go the "Angel" route. The Scythe came from another Zoid part, and kind of adds to the "Angel of Death" motif. Just like with my Arachni-BAT, i would have liked to have gotten some yellow in, but since i am using all Overkill bodies, there isn't anywhere to put it without making him look like a wasp or hornet.

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