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Head: Laser Viper
Arms: Law v1
Torso: Lift-Ticket
Waist: JvC Wild Bill
Legs: Rampart (modified)

Codename: Beachhead
Filename: Sneeden, Wayne R.
Primary Military Specialty: Ranger
Secondary Military Specialty: Drill Instructor
Grade: E-7

Bio: There are few members of G.I. Joe who haven't been trained by Beachhead, and all those who have agree on him being cruel, sadistic, and gruff... in addition to the lack of deodorant. But in combat this additude in training pays off, because once Beachhead is finished with anyone who makes a mistake in training, they don't make it in combat.

"Beachhead doesn't believe in assigning blame, he believes in getting the job done."

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