Head: Outback
Arms: Dial-Tone
Torso: Leatherneck
Waist/Legs: Chuckles

Codename: Breaker
Filename: Kibbey, Alvin R.
Primary Military Specialty: Communications
Secondary Military Specialty: Infantry
Rank: E-5 (Sergeant)
Birthplace: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Bio: Breaker was the G.I. Joe team's first communications officer and later it's senior communication officer until one fateful mission to the Middle East nation of Trucial Abyssimal. Before the mission was over, Breaker and over a dozen other good Joes had fallen in the line of duty. They were given an "Open Boot" ceremony in the desert and a full honors ceremony when they were laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery.

And for years, that's where the story ended. But in 2004, Breaker, among other members of G.I. Joe and agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was found as a clone in a joint Cobra/Hydra lab, appearantly part of a plan to infiltrate them into their former units to destroy them from the inside out. Fortunately for Breaker and the others, the lab had been descovered before the programming to do so had been implanted. Several of the clones chose to adopt new identities and attempt to live normal lives, but Breaker, along with Sneak Peek, Thunder and others chose to return to G.I. Joe.

"Well, a decade or so of death hasn't diminished Breaker's skill with communications... unfortunately his habit of blowing and popping bubble gum survived too."

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