Head-Tonka BTR Pilot
Crotch and Torso(moded)-VvV Baroness
Arms and Legs-VvV Scarlet

This Figure from a Dio Story I am working on. Tezrain is one of Cobra Commandressís personal pilots. Tezrain and Hela have been friends with Cobra Commandress for many years, they were in many of the same foster homes. Yet they do not have the hate and fear of men like she doeís. They both love the occult and mythology, Tezrianís name is Armenian for Goddess of War. Tezrian and her sister Hela are very skilled pilots, they where both instructed by Wild Weasel and now surpass their master in skill. They thrive for destruction and devastation of anything that is normal, since they never had a normal life they figure nobody else should too.

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