Head: Low-Light ‘01
Body: Tiger Force Brawler (red haired version)

The Tiger Force Brawler offered many new alternatives for Brawler fans to enjoy. We could now have Brawler in red hair, Brawler with his deep summer tan, and (of course) Brawler in his now-trademark mustard-colored “BRAWLER” shirt. But what of those Brawler fans who enjoyed the classic black-haired Brawler, but didn’t always want him boasting his robust summer tan? Was there an alternative? Yes! Now you, too, can have a black haired Tiger Force Brawler without his deep, manly tan. Just pop the ’01 Low-Light head on a pale-skinned red haired Brawler body and you’re good to go.

And as a bonus, I’ve gathered all of the Brawlers together for a special picture below:

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