Col. Brekhov
Description: Oktober Guard Commander
Motivation: Wanted to have the Oktober Guard
Based on: Marvel G.I. JOE Comics Series #'s 6&7
Parts Used:
Head: Red Star
Chest: Worms
Arms: Big Bear
Middle Piece: Dusty V1
Upper Legs: Hardball
Lower Legs: Red Star
Accessories: Red Star Hat. Cobra Officer Ak-47, Red Star Ak-47, Ultimate Soldier Extreme Detail 1/18 Pouch, Crankcase rifle, Misc. Scope
Notes: Removed pouches from Big Bear arms, added pouch from XD soldier to middle piece, made the AK-47 because Hasbro never made one in proportion, made from several guns.

Oktober Guard Commander
Code Name: Col. Brekhov
File Name: Brekhov, Andre Leninovich
Place of Birth: Kiev, Ukraine U.S.S.R.
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Aviation Rank Equivalent: O-6 (Soviet Colonel)
____________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Col. Brekhov is a qualified expert with the AK-47, Makarov 9mm pistol, and PKM (7.62mm) machine gun. He is also a qualified operator of the B.E.A.R., the W.A.S.P., Badger and co-pilot of the Hind XRZ4.
____________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Col. Brekhov began his military career as a pilot for the VDV (Soviet Air Assault Force). He then was recognized for his military strategy and leadership abilities and was assigned to the fledgling Oktober Guard as its Senior Officer. Col. Brekhov and the Oktober Guard spearheaded many assault missions in Afghanistan; it was in Afghanistan that Col. Brekhov had his first encounter with the G.I. JOE Team in 1982. He has met his match in the G.I.JOE Team; the conflicts between the two usually end in a stalemate.
____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________
Col. Brekhov is the modern day version of Georgi Zhukov, a great Soviet Officer during WWII. Col. Brekhov has trained his whole life to fight for the Rodinia (the Motherland) and win. Col. Brekhov is the best Soviet Officer there is, he demands the most from his troops and rewards them for success. Failure is not tolerated; in fact those who have failed Col. Brekhov have spent time in hard labor camps making big rocks into little ones.

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