Head: BurnOut JvC
Torso: Gung Ho JvC
Arms: Airborn JvC
Waist: Flint JvC
Legs: Flint JvC

Gear ---
Bow: Gnawgahide
Quiver: Gnawgahide

One of my Many Joe Customs Steel Brigade.. I really enjoyed this one. Cap has alot of character and I hope I brought a small bit of it to the figure.


File Name: Vaughan, Eric D.
Primary Military Speciality: Tracker, Silent weapons.
Secondary Military Speciality: Information and Research
Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY Grade: (whatever you feel)

Cap, which is short for Capolan(a fictitious storyland) and not captain or headgear, is an anachronism. Born in one of the busiest boroughs in NYC, he treated a concrete jungle as if it was the Great Smokies. With a ancestry deep in Tsalagi folklore and Irish humor, he would amuse his friends by telling them how many days old a sneaker print was, what type of animal left prints in the mud, which plants were harmless and not, and which set of hallways in the buildings one could navigate in the projects to avoid bully and parent capture. Gifted with an incredibly sharp sense of smell, he smells fires or wires before they start burning, human and animal scent whether passing or hiding, and blood in the air like a shark in the water.
Exposure to powwow and libraries enabled him to continue long out of time traditional skills, such as flint knapping arrowheads, fashioning arrows from scratch, and the bladed arts of knife throwing and fencing.
He studies long dead languages and ancient civilizations, but can ferret out information via book or computer within minutes of request.
Far more lethal with a compound bow and crossbow than an M-16 or 9mm, and having used more Swiss Army knives than MacGuyver, Cap is an anachronism. But if you need an arrow or bolt placed in an object or adversary silently at some distance, or someone to track a target by scent alone, he's your man.

(writen by Cap)

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