Head- Roadblock 86 (heavily modified)
Left arm- Hydro-Viper 88 (modified *)
Right arm- Mercer 91 (modified *)
Chest- Flak Viper 93 (heavily modified)
Waist- HEAT Viper 89 (modified * & chain)
Thighs- Side Track 00 (modified *)
Left foot- Scarlett 83 (modified w/ Croc Master 87 collar spikes)
Right foot- Snow Storm 93 (modified *)
Cape- Chap Mei Ninja Fighter/Beast Raider (modified) w/ Chap Mei Bad Guys skulls
Pistol & Knife- Chap Mei Ninja Fighter
* Knuckle spikes, Belt, Holster, Ammo box, & Sheath- Chap Mei Ninja Fighter
Gun- Darklon 89


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