Parts Used:

Iron Grenadier Head & Upper body
Blackout Arms
Flint legs

IG Helmet & Shoulderpad
Assorted weapons

Being that she was teamed up with Destro, I figgured that Eris should have assorted lakies to die in droves for her.

Iron Grenadier
Typhon Battalion

Recruited from the Ranks of the Elite forces of Destro, the Iron Grenadier trooper is chosen for his Endurance, Tenacity, and bad attitude. The Iron Grenadier is key to the expansion of the Armament business that Destro governs. When he began a ‘partnership’ with mercenary Moirae ‘Eris’ Styx, not only did he provide her and her and her commando team with Weapons, but with Iron Grenadier units as well. The Typhon battalion of Iron grenadiers is comprised of a mixture of grenadiers known as troublemakers and her own soldiers; this unit was created and trained to work in various environments under her sole command.

“Typhon is the name of a great and powerful dragon in Greek Mythology. Its eyes dripped venom and its mouths poured lava from all of its hundreds of heads. It tore up entire mountains to throw at the gods; it brought storm and destruction as he went, annihilating entire civilizations. Unfortunately, Miss Styx’s team comes pretty close to that reputation. And so do these Grenadiers. These are the preverbal ‘bad apples’ from the Iron Grenadier’s Poisoned tree. They are highly trained, well armed, and itching to cause major property damage where at Eris’s behest and occasionally out of boredom. They enjoy spreading destruction and chaos upon anything that stands in their way. They might not be the best-of-the-best… but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as, if not more, dangerous”

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