Parts Used:

Airborne head
Claws arms
Razorclaw torso
Overkill Waist
Pit Viper upper legs
Sand-scorpion lower legs

This is another figure based on charrecters from Transfandoms Transformers: Echos of War RPG. In the RPG he is...was an Acroyear serial killer.

Special Thanks to Ave Destron for his help in making him and with the bio.
(ps: I wish the secondary picture would have turned out better, but sadnly I didn't have access to a blowtorch)

Demon Blue

Real Name: Classified
PMF: Shocktrooper
SMF: Biology

One of the genetic research scientists in the employ of Cobra who where working on the V-project, helping to create the formula to splice human and Animal DNA for the purpose of creating stronger, more powerful soldiers, this yet-to-be identified scientist was caught in an accident with the formula used to create Electric Eel troops, which exposed to a massive amount of the purified form of the serum. This overdose mutated his genetic structure, as well as erased his previous identity. Aside from his body taking on some fish-like qualities, he is able to generate massive amounts of bio-electric energy, however is forced to wear a type of containment suit to keep these powers in check, and to keep his scale-covered body moist. His previous identity erased… leaving behind this cold, calculating sociopath. Known to use both his electrical powers and edged weapons against his opponents.

“ With all of the genetic freaks that cobra has put out… from Monstro and Bio vipers, to Sand Scorpions and Razor troopers, none of them come close to fitting the word ‘Monster’ than Demon blue. Blue is a shining example of what scientific knowledge can do in the wrong hands. Blue chooses his ‘prey’, stalks, and then kills them, either using latent surgical skills to render them limb from limb, or electrocuting them, taking a type of sick enjoyment from it. We’ve herd rumors, backed up by captured Cobra documents that Cobra has to keep Blue in an insulated Cell when he’s not on the battlefield. Apparently, when he doesn’t have any enemy targets to kill, Blue will go after other Cobra soldiers. Lets pray to god he is never let loose in a civilian populated area.”

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