Head-VvV Scarlett(modified)
Torso-VvV Baroness
Upper arms-VvV Scarlett
Lower arms-Spy Troops Zarana(modifiedwith Razor Trooper blades)
Waist-VvV Baroness
Upper legs-VvV Baroness
Lower legs-VvV Scarlett

Demon White
Pack commander

PMF: Intellegance
SMF: Silent Weapons Expert
Birthplace: Manchester, England

Saianne Mana joined Cobra shortly after her brother, James Mana, both starting out as lowly vipers. Unlike her brother, she quickly began to climb the ranks of the organization, where as he took 2 years to make it to the rank of officer. As a Range-viper commander, she displayed a great proficiency for killing. Her looks and size working to hide her Strength and speed from opponents

Exerpt taken from Medical Reports confiscated from Dr. Mindbenders laboratories

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