Head-VvV Scarlett(modified)
Torso-VvV Baroness
Upper arms-VvV Scarlett
Lower arms-Spy Troops Zarana(modifiedwith Razor Trooper blades)
Waist-VvV Baroness
Upper legs-VvV Baroness
Lower legs-VvV Scarlett

Demon White
Pack commander
Real Name: Mana, Saianne “Sai”
PMF: Intellegance
SMF: Silent Weapons Expert
Birthplace: Manchester, England

Saianne Mana joined Cobra shortly after her brother, James Mana, both starting out as lowly vipers. Unlike her brother, she quickly began to climb the ranks of the organization, where as he took 2 years to make it to the rank of officer. As a Range-viper commander, she displayed a great proficiency for killing. Her looks and size working to hide her Strength and speed from opponents

She was one of the few to actually Volunteer to be a subject in the ‘V-Project’ when Dr. Mindbender and his ‘colleague /apprentice’ Cobrage began looking for Test subjects. Similar to what was done with Razorclaw, her DNA spliced with that of a white Siberian tiger. Since the end of the procedure she has become even more vicious and bloodthirsty. Her newfound animal instincts and her enhanced strength, coupled with her combat experience have led her to become one of the most Successful V-Troops in cobra’s armies. However, like the others, there have been side effects. Her mind has splintered between her normal persona and her bestial instincts, as well as severe hormonal imbalances, which began to manifest after the treatment. She now suffers from severe mood swings, unpredictably sexual side-effects, and bouts of Lunacy, forcing her to rely on medication to keep herself lucid. She has also earned a reputation as being quick to anger and even quicker to kill, including subordinates who make the mistake of displeasing her. Her appearance has been affected as well. Her once strawberry blonde hair being turned snow white due to the procedure. And her eyes are different colors, due to her loosing her right eye when a subordinate she was about to kill defended himself. She now has a glass eye to replace it, which she keeps covered by her hair. Due to her success in the field, she has been given command of a commando unit comprised of V-troop specialists. Proficient in the use of Warsaw pact firearms, however she prefers using arm-mounted ‘Spiegel blades’, which she uses with deadly efficiency in the field.

Exerpt taken from Medical Reports confiscated from Dr. Mindbenders laboratories

“Initial results of patients Venom splicing were registered as outstanding. Her strength, speed, and agility began to increase almost immediately, however her memories and brain-patters apparently remained unchanged. We expected the normal side-effects for her as the others, unfortunately our expectations where evidentially too low. The Genetic Re-combination created a chemical imbalance inside of her brain, causing sudden, often violent mood swings. This was first encountered when during a training session she suddenly broke down crying, only to 5 seconds later turn and literally disemboweled a Razor trooper. She has, in the past 3 days of observation, gone from Lucid, to depressed, to psychotic, to giddy, to seductive, to angry, and back. Another, equally severe side-effect manifested soon after the others, as certain sexual side effects have manifested, primarily her hormone levels spiking to unheard of levels during menstruation, turning her into a sex-crazed seductress. To avoid loosing the service of such a valuable soldier, we are placing her on a regiment of medications to keep these Imbalances in check.”

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