Head: Duke 94
Chest: Headman 92
Arms: Gung-Ho 87
Waist: Headman 92
Legs: Gung-Ho 87

Pistol: Elite Force

I'm indebted to Matthew and his Black Ops Duke for the look of this figure. I've been wanting to make a figure in a dress uniform for a while now, and Hawk seemed like the perfect opportunity. I didn't want to do a field version of him, since I always used my Hawk figure as a commander who could fight if the need arose. I'm not sure about the head: it still says "Duke" to me, but I'm going to let it rest for a while and decide later. I searched long and hard for a set of Gung-Ho Dress Marine stickers to use for his chest, but I had to paint the campaign medals on by hand.

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