Head: Corps! Construction
Torso: BTR Point Blank w/ BBi pouches
Arms: Ghost Rider
Waist: Gnawgahyde
Legs: Downtown w/BBi holster

Helmet: BC Grunt
Rifle: Intoyz
Pistol: JvC Lady Jaye

I was putting together a law enforcement team and realized I needed some filler characters. I started using second versions of characters like Law and Shockwave. After seeing Grand Slam's take on Rapid Fire I knew he had to be part of my project. After I pieced him together he went from a filler character to a key player on this team.

Painting him was another issue. I tossed back and forth between a grey urban camo (like Grand Slam had done) versus an all black uniform. Well the RIT dye tests from Raptor and others sealed the deal. This guy is completely dyed black. No paint what so ever. Even the grey pouches were something from the original that the dye simply did not work on. Now I have a playable custom that looks sweet and lives up to the moniker of Fast Attack Expert.

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