Head: Zam Wesell (SW Saga) - Sculpted hair
Torso: Zarana (SpyT)
Upper Arms: Jinx (VvV)
Lower Arms: Jinx: (VvV) / Zam Wesell gloves
Waist: Zarana (SpyT)
Upper Legs: Jinx (VvV)
Lower Legs: Zarana (SpyT)

Name: Cornington, Jean
PMOS: Intelligence
SMOS: Bootcamp Instructor (UCMJ)
Rank: "A-3" (G-3 equivalent)

Accessories: Parachute pack, MP5 SMG.

She started out with the idea that I was going to make an AF loadmaster (spurred by the USAF ad with the student scrounging food from classmates at lunch which he gives to a homeless man). However, WIP feedback noted her similarity to Cover Girl, so I went to the International Joes' sites. I had just finished Manleh, which helped determine that this figure would become Sparta.

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