Head, Torso, Arms: Shipwreck (VvV - Piranha)

Waist, Legs: Shipwreck (SpyT)

Rather than use the Piranha Boat Shipwreck entirely as Cutter, I wanted to give it a couple tweaks.

I liked the casual look of the SpyTroops Shipwreck pants, plus that gave me a holster to play with later.

Also, I needed to trim back his goatee into a mustache. Luckily, I found that Citadel's Dwarf Flesh is a really close match to Hasbro's current (VvV era) skin tone, which made touch ups nice.

I 'sawed off' the barrel to one of those fat-barreled revolvers Hasbro keeps adding to figures. Now, it's a 'flare gun'.

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