Head: Tomax
Ponytail: Star Wars Sneak Preview Wookiee
Torso: Gung-Ho
Arms: Link (modified)
Waist: Spytroops Destro
Upper Legs: Barrel Roll (slightly modified)
Lower Legs: VvV Wild Bill

Buzzer is the first figure I remember having. When I got back into collecting and started buying the new sculpt I hoped for an update of Buzzer. Well, since that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon I couldn't wait any longer. So here he is using the best parts for the job in my opinion. He didn't take too much modification. The arms were modified by sanding off the elbow pads and test tube things on the sides of the gloves. And the thighs were slightly sanded to slim them down to better match the lower legs.

I have to admit I am quite pleased with how he turned out. I was really nervous to do this one since I didn't want to ruin one of my favorite characters.

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