This figure was constructed using the Joe vs. Cobra T-crotch Wet-Suit body and a B.A.T. V3.2 head. The alterations include the lower legs, which I partially replaced using calves and feet that appeared more robotic and better armored. I also replaced the figure's right hand with a socket to accept a variety of weapons along with a modified version of the original hand. Both the android's weapons were scratch-built using pieces from other discount military action figure lines. The entire figure was painted to match the classic B.A.T. v1 color scheme and detailed with wash and highlights to show weathering and battle damage.

Just as traditional soldiers are outfitted with heavier weapons and protective gear for specialized missions, the Armored Battle Android Trooper is a structurally modified version of the standard B.A.T. that can be deployed to heavy fire situations and as a last line of defense for Cobra installations. The design is based on the standard v3.2 chassis, with a heavier, more durable endo-frame, increased armor plating, and enhanced micro hydraulic joints to support the increased load. In addition, the unit supports an external power plant in backpack form to offset the android's increased mass and demanding power requirements. In addition to operating standard firearms with its dedicated manipulator hand, the android's multi-load arm can be equipped with a rotary barrel M.A.R.S. "Storm Thresher" ballistic cannon or a line of sight, "Rapier" directed particle beam rifle; both with independent ammunition and power supplies.

The A.B.A.T.'s gains in raw power come at the expense of a minimized CPU, slower locomotion, and highly specialized sensory capabilities. The unit's cognitive function is limited to weapons operation, ammunition management, target acquisition, and target damage assessment. It has no ability to differentiate friend or foe, does not evaluate its own operational condition, and has only one combat objective: the elimination of all targets in the predefined combat zone. On its own, the A.B.A.T. is not capable of more refined objectives. Remote operation of the A.B.A.T. allows for broader applications, though even these are limited due to the unit's specialized design. Essentially a mobile, independent, heavy weapons platform, the A.B.A.T. is a tenacious, indiscriminate killing machine, deployed only when friendly fire, collateral damage, and precise or varied objectives are not a concern.

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