Head: Barrel Roll
Torso: Law (v1 RAH)
Arms: Barrel Roll
Waist, Legs: Wide Scope

Order: Lamont (Wide Scope)

Law and Order held a stronger place than Mutt and Junkyard did, despite Mutt's stronger personality. I think it's because my childhood dog was a German Shepherd / Husky mix, so Order was a representation of Boozer. :)

Anyhow: Law's chest and helmet came back to me among parts fodder in a box from my baby brother. I used that as my base, altering the vest color to try to match with the pants that I didn't want to paint. That the Barrel Roll head fit both pieces was a happy accident.

I went to a German Shepherd show dog website for painting inspiration for Order. He's got a lot of drybrushing going on (and yes, some Shepherds are that dark in the face. :) )

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