Head: VvsV Gung-Ho
Torso: Spy Kids (heavily modified)
Arms: ST Wild Bill
Waist: ST Kamakura
Thighs: VvsV Kamakura
Lower Legs: VvsV Wild Bill

I had seen another Hitman custom on this site awhile back & decided to make one for my self if I ever came across the right parts.

I had picked up a Spy Kids fivepack at a local toy store on clearance, thinking to make use of their heads. After beheading four of the figures I noticed one particular torso thought that it would work well for an Agent 47, provided I could make the o-ring conversion.

I dremeled away the lower portion of the Spy Kids torso, & widened the holes for both arms & neck. the only waist I could use here was the ST Kamakura's, as the overhanging coat made for a very small space.

After piece fitting, I super-glued the torso & used a bbi belt to cover the difference in depth between torso & waist. The finished figure managed to retain normal Joe articulation.

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