Helmet-Corps Star Force head dremeled out
lower legs and lower arms -B.A.T ver. 4
Rest of figure is VvV Scarlett ver. 6

This was my first attempt at using the RIT dye process. I used a little too much heat and warped some of the pieces but you cannot notice. There was also another first for me, trying to paint scars. I wanted the head to have bad scarring from serious burns and also to help cover up the wire I have sticking out of the back of the head to simulate an interface for the helmet. Plus it helps explain the weird shape of her head from removing her hair. So it would kind of look like her skull got crushed in and was badly burned and has healed now. I can't give much of a back story because I don't really have one yet. I am leaning toward making her Scarlett who was badly injured and left for dead and good old Dr. Mindbender finds her and doe's his thing to her. Sort of a Bride of Overkill twist but she rebels or possible embraces her fate. Either way I go with her I think she looks good, I like the way I left the elbow joint in place then glued the BAT lower arm mounts on. So it has the ability to twist at the elbow like the BAT figures can't do.

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