Head: Big Brawler v1 with epoxy
Torso: Big Brawler v1 with epoxy
Arms: Crystal Ball
Waist: Crystal Ball
Thighs: Crystal Ball
Feet: Crystal Ball

Brawlin' Chrome Hammer: Toll Booth with help from Chrometechusa.com

A master of both psychological warfare and hand to hand combat, Big Brawler was a major threat to the Crystal Army. Using his skills he was able track down a prototype vehicle stolen from G.I.Joe by the Crystal Army. Unfortunately for Big Brawler he was ambushed trying to sneak into the Crystal Army compound, the brawl that ensued quickly became too big even for Big Brawler and he was captured.

After a lengthy stay in the Prison of the Crystal Army, Big Brawler was the first person subjected to the Ballification Process. Using recently obtained Venomization Technology and genetic modification techniques that the Kaminoians "shared" with the Crystal Army, a person's memories are erased and they are given the abilities all Crystal Balls share in addition to their own. The Ballified person then joins the ranks of the Crystal Army as a Crystal Ball "Replicant" of that person replaces them.

Crystal Balls are very sneaky, with minor genetic changes and their Hypnotic abilities a Crystal Ball can make you think he is just about anybody. Beware, that big brawlin' Joe you're used fighting alongside with's fashion tips might start including fur collars, grey slacks, and red contacts.

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