All are VvV Single Pack Wave 3 Baroness.

Head = Resculpted Baroness Hair
Upper hands = Redone Baroness.
Rest = All Baroness
Weapon = Destro/Grunt 2 pack Rifle

My very first Baroness ... :)
Good thing TRU over here finally brought in single packs, and I finally get to buy Baroness ... lots and lots ... :D :D :D
Kinda crap that the glasses aren't removable, else would've bought at least 50 of it to make into an army of Cobra females ... ;)
Another simple custom ... :)

- Hair was re-done to look a bit more Baroness. could've made it better tho ... :(
- Removed the Belt for a better look .... must find a better belt or make one later ... ;)
- Shoulders were redone to look more female ... ;)
- Made the zip all the way to the top .... :)

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