ALL: Microman Batgirl
Feet: JvC Scarlett
Gear: Microman Batgirl
Chest Print: white paper & glue

Batgirl was decent back in the day but the new version really kicks some tail. So I went and bought 2 Microman batgirls, one to keep and one just for this project. I lopped off the hair, smoothed out the cut, then sculpted on the mask with Epoxy. The feet I didn't like due to the high heels, so I chopped off Scarletts feet and hollowed out the tops so the balljoints would fit snuggly. Once done all that was left was the painting and gluing the 'sticker' into place. I then added Microman Batmans utility belt and the rest is history.

Pic 1: The custom itself
Pic 2: Comparison to DCs statue

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