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Head: Heavy Duty (T-Crotch)
Torso: Snakeeyes (Spytroops)
Arms: Roadblock (Spytroops)
Waist: Firefly (Spytroops)
Legs: Dart

While looking at the Extreme figures on Yojoe.com I decided to remake them in 3 3/4 scale. Freight was one of the cooler ones from the Extreme series. While researching for a better color scheme than his original I realized how much he had in common with The Fridge. So I decided to get two birds with one stone.

Freight joined the Joe team so he could blow stuff up. He enjoys destruction and seeing explosions. He got his codename from his days of college football when his teammates nicknamed him Freight Train for the way no one could stop him when he got the ball. The jersey he wears was given to him by William "The Refrigerator" Perry when The Fridge saw him play in college and was impressed by him. He passed up the chance to play pro football to join the Army, which led him to G.I. Joe.

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