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Head: Recondo (NF SpyT) with Flint (SpyT) beret
Rest: Shipwreck (VvV)

The good Lieutenant was just a head for a long while, until the new Shipwreck came out this year.

I thought the uniform would be a very good 'generic' look, and that Falcon was, to me, one of the Joes who stayed closer to the regs for things like uniforms.

The head went through several stages: first, the beret was glued directly to the scalped head. They didn't sit well, seeming too short and with a gap along one side. So, I took them apart, put a bead of green stuff in between, and sandwiched the hat on top. After this, my first paint job (with a lighter skin tone) made him look like he was on a drug overdose, so I went back to my new standard: dwarf flesh.

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