Whole Body: Depth Charge
Belt/Glove Pouches: Stikfas Alpha Male
Lawgiver: Stikfas Alpha Male
All Armor/Pads: Milliput
Chin: Milliput

Out of all the characters from 2000AD, Dredd has always been my favorite. I decided to go with the original comic version rather than the movie, the less said about which the better.

I went for the Depth Charge figure as it is one of the better articulated Joes. The helmet is non-removable, as it should be. After all, we have never actually seen his face. The badge and buckle are scans from books, printed out and stuck onto plasticard. His uniform color is dark blue, not black, but it does not show up too well on the photos. I decided to go with the Stikfas gun because it does look somewhat like the Mark 2 lawgiver.
The eagle shoulder pad is entirely hand sculpted in layers from milliput.

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