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Head: Chap-Mei (slightly modified)
Torso: Buzzer '84 (modified)
Arms: Torch '85
Waist: Recondo '88
Legs: Psyche-Out '87

Machine Gun: Knockoff

Cottonmouth actually started out as a Copperhead update. However, once he was all pieced together and modified, I just didn't want to take this route with Copperhead any longer. I did still like the parts configuration, though, so I tried to figure out what kind of character he could be. I thought it might be interesting to use him as a link to Copperhead's life outside of Cobra, as well as provide a permanent gunner for the Water Moccasin.

I rather like the way Buzzer's torso looks when you sand down the medals/dogtags and sleeve remnants. I'll probably use it again in the future. I realize the color scheme doesn't fit with the Water Moccasin...it just felt right to me.

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