Head: Grunt (SpyT)
Body (except L. Arms): Shipwreck (SpyT)
L. Arms: Cross Hair w/ Chap Mei hands

Hat: Shipwreck (VvV)

OK, he's not a Navy SEAL, but the Joes' master diver needed to have 'wet' and 'dry' gear as well.

For Deep Six's look, I went to the classic Marvel version. I needed a turtleneck, deck pants, and the life jacket and white hat.

Almost all of it was easy to find in Shipwreck -- the only hard part was figuring out what to do with the torso holster. In the end, it became part of Deep Six's PFD, and quite well at that. The front is from a BBI vest; I'd previously cut off the back to use as Shockwave's kevlar, so I had the front in my parts bin seeking a use.

The third photo shows both his deckhand and diving bell uniforms.

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