Head: Shipwreck (JvC)

Arms, Torso: Alpine (VvV)

Legs, Waist: Wild Bill (VvV)

With Hasbro cranking out so many different Shipwreck figures in the new sculpt style I kept thinking we'd get a tribute to good old sailor Shipwreck. Of course we still haven't gotten a Shipwreck sailor since the classic so this my take.

Used a bit of paint on the head to give old Shipwreck a full beard. The torso and arms had to be repainted to get the classic sailor shirt color. I left the gloves unpainted as I liked the color of them already. Painted the green parts of the holsters black.

While I could have molded on a sailor's hat and taken off one of the holsters I think the updated head gear the added weapons gives the figure that nice blend of classic and new.

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